Our DFL Transport logo is visible on all roads in Western Europe. Meanwhile next 6 new #DAF XF started tour with colours of our customer today.


DFL Transport Team



You asked why yellow, not black like the rest. The answer is below.

The vehicles in the BDF contract have taken on the color of our new customer - DHL. It is the perfect combination, isn't it? 


DFL Transport Team



As we announced, we have started a new contract based on transport in the BDF system. We follow our new lorries on the map with great satisfaction 


DFL Transport Team



We are starting a new contract in BDF system in June. We are so excited!


DFL Transport Team



On March 15, 2018, we signed the documents that created our new branch in Germany. Having a German transport license will allow us to work permanently in this country, further develop and expansion of our services.

DFL Transport Team



Did you know that the basics of the design of the new generation Scania were developed in cooperation with engineers from Porsche Engineering?
We have just picked up the next batch of order - 6 vehicles #nextgenScania. The previous model next to them.

DFL Transport Team



The first 5 black #nextgenScania have already left .. 
Look for us on the route.

DFL Transport Team



The decision was made and it was a complex order. This has been a result of many hours conversations and has been negotiated with representatives from the various companies. The next generation #scania vehicles, 30 of them, that join our fleet over the next few months are also a result of that. The first batch is being delivered as we speak. These new vehicles are not only stronger, safer but also more aerodynamic.

Who will be next truck provider?..

DFL Transport Team